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Escape Properties Property Management

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You have choices

When it comes to finding the right management company to help you operate your vacation home you’re going to find there are lots of choices. There are many good partner options for you to select from. Our objective is to help you understand the steps and how we can be an asset to you. We want to show you what we do, why we do it, how we do it and (cost) what we do it for – you decide if we’re a good fit for you.

Escape Properties has been doing this for years and we’re proud of our service reputation and proven results for our owner clients as well as the nearly 9,000 guest stays!


Kendall Clements,


Listing Management

The first introduction a traveler has with your property and our company is the online presentation. It needs to stand out, it needs to be genuine and it needs to be accurate. Read this article to learn more of how Escape Properties works hard to present your property in the best possible way to consumers.


Escape Properties is a very open management company. We provide our owners with a portal where they can ‘self-block’ personal use. Owners can also view detail on guest bookings including estimated net revenues. We also provide detailed real-time reports on gross rents. Each month we provide owners with detailed statements and direct deposit funds.

Reservations Management and Guest Services

With the advent of channel marketing and broadening our marketing reach we needed both systems and people to manage the dynamics of taking a reservation and managing the details of guest services. Escape Properties uses state of the art software platform that offers single point of reservation and guest management regardless the number of channel partners we integrate with. We have a local team or travel experts that are familiar with each home under management as well as area venues, points or interest and seasons. Read these articles to learn more of our approach to reservations and guest services.

Guest Turns

Long before the guest even arrives Escape Properties is already coordinating the guests departure with our team. We plan in advance for a departure inspection of the unit as well as selecting the cleaning crew. We have the ability to manage same day turn cleans as part of our strategy to maximize occupancy.


Escape Properties collects sales tax, transient lodging tax and applicable municipal taxes for our properties (AirBnb also collects taxes). As an owner, because the bookings are made through a management company, is not liable for taxes. As such we don’t report taxes to you because reporting is done through our tax ID number and accounts for ALL properties rather than individual properties.


Pricing is very important, especially with the explosion of the ‘shared economy’ and the ‘for rent by owner vacation home’ model. Escape Properties deploys a technology that analyzes pricing point information and analyzes over 28 data points each day to set rates for today and 365 days in the future. Read this article to learn more of our pricing strategy and approach.

Marketing and Promotion

Where is your home being maketed at? What channels are best for your target market? The St George area historically has been a regional destination, attracting the vast majority of its visitors from a 300-400 mile radius (dominantly along the Wasatch Front). Ever growing and reaching, St George is becoming a national and international destination with strong roots forming out of Canada, Asia and Europe as well as across the broader US. Escape Properties has invested in state of the art software platforms and partnered with multiple firms to strengthen our regional, national and international presence. Read this article to understand more of what this means for a property owner.

Compliance, Strategies & Misc. Services

Escape Properties helps owners stay compliant with annual fire inspections, renewal license inspections and we try to keep you advised on changes in municipal or community issues. When we discuss strategies we’re talking about a whole range from USP’s, discount, special offers, etc. as we see trends in our industry. We’re also members of multiple industry trade organizations and actively work with local and state legislation bodies to have a positive influence for the nightly rental industry and our owners. Escape Properties, though a real estate brokerage, is located in an industrial area with a warehouse presence. We do this so we can offer unique services to owners when you have items that need to be shipped in (like a large mattress) we can receive it for you and deliver it to the property and even help set up or remove items.

Property Management

Its the little details that take place at a property, when there are no guests around, that really make a significant difference. Our maintenance teams have systems in place to routinely change out air filters, top off softener soap, change light bulbs and maintain batteries in detectors and remotes. Every 8-10 weeks our team is also deep cleaning grills, washing decks and patios and doing little maintenance services so the home is in peak guest readiness.