Breathtaking Snow Canyon State Park

Utah’s wide open spaces are covered with majestic national state parks. Snow Canyon State Park is not to be missed. It happens to be conveniently located just 8 miles north of Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street in St. George, Utah. The scenic drive to the park entrance alone is enough to take your breath away. Once… Read more »

Unique Red Hills Desert Gardens is Waiting for You to Explore

“Desert Gardens” may sound like an oxymoron. Red Hills Desert Gardens will clarify that for you.  This 5-acre preserve with more than 5,000 desert plants is located along Red Cliffs Parkway. You can follow the sign off the parkway just east of Dixie Rock. Take the right hand fork and pull into the convenient parking… Read more »

Dixie Rock or Sugarloaf, it’s an unforgettable view!

Once upon a time, Dixie Rock (accessed via St. George’s Red Cliffs Drive with the handy help of a couple of parking lots on either side) was called “Sugarloaf.” What’s a sugarloaf, you ask? Writer Brian Passey offers you more details along with interesting historic photos here. Dixie Rock is part of a multi-acreage area… Read more »

Thunder Junction All Abilities Park – St. George, Utah

 An inviting entrance. Have you ever wanted to explore the backside of a waterfall? Have you wondered what it would feel like to slide down a dinosaur’s back? Have you harbored a hankering to huddle inside an erupting volcano? Then you don’t want to miss the free admission Thunder Junction All Abilities Park located at 1851 S Dixie… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

When you visit Utah, you will see there are many tourist attractions to visit such as magnificent mountains, beautiful countrysides, national parks, Ski Resorts, top notch restaurants and endless activities and festivals. Behind any family vacation experience comes a lot of planning. Some things to be considered are: which places to visit, how long to… Read more »

SunSoker Tours – Private custom scenic tours

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I’ve lived in the St George area for nearly 9 years and there are still things I am learning and discovering – a few weeks ago I took my family on a SunSoker tour and had my eyes opened again at how much is around me in St George that I didn’t know about.  … Read more »

ATV Trails near Zion National Park

Miles of ATV, Mountain Bike or Horse Back trails through beautiful high-desert slot canyons, sand dunes and sunsets – Enjoy the Coral Pink Sand Dunes area

Vacation Rentals St. George, Utah

You Will Be Mesmerized by the Awesome Beauty of St. George It is a place that brings solace to restless souls. It is one of the most sought after places to vacation and having the right rental can make all the difference. The best vacation rentals in St. George include things like: Luxurious spaces. You will… Read more »

Vacation Places In Utah- Vacation here

The United States Is Known Worldwide for Its Beautiful Scenery and Landscapes There are many national and state parks, as well as, popular recreation areas in the U.S. Many of these vacation places are located in the beautiful state of Utah. Each one of you can have an amazingly breathtaking vacation here in Utah. Being… Read more »

Vacation In Utah- It’s the Place to Vacation

Utah Is a Wondrous Place It is home to many beautiful locations which are favorite vacation spots. Here are some of the best places to vacation in Utah: National Parks – The state has been blessed with natural beauty. It is a land of numerous of national parks. The Arches national park has a naturally… Read more »