Glitter Mountain AZ near St George (No…It is not really made of glitter)

  There is a place 25 minutes drive from St. George, called Glitter Mountain. (Best name ever!!) Just across the Utah state line, south of Washington Fields Utah you can find an old mining site where they would mine for gypsum (or glitter to some of you..). People refer to this as the Old Gypsum Mine,… Read more »

Snow Canyon State Park

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Snow Canyon State Park for the first time with my husband and family. We went there to hike and capture the beauty through photography. My husband is very into taking pictures and filming so this area was perfect for it. I have lived in St. George… Read more »

Hiking Zion National Park

One of the many great things about living in St. George Utah is my proximity to Zion National Park. Within 30-40 minutes I can find myself hiking the majestic mountains of one of the most beautiful National Parks. One of my fondest memories of Zions was the opportunity I had to hike the famous trail… Read more »

St. George via ATV & Jeep Tours

ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours is a friendly, home grown, small town business with over 20 years expertise. They have discovered an exciting way to share the Red Rock landscape with families from all over the world.  St. George as some of the most unique and jaw-dropping landscape in the country and we LOVE to… Read more »

History of The St. George Musical Theater

The History: When playwright Mark Ogden passed away in 1994, the reins were turned over to Don and Dawna Kenworthy who guided the small organization from a fledgling company of passionate followers to the most successful community theater in southern Utah. By 2007 St. George Musical Theater was producing 8 shows annually with over 50,000… Read more »

Dickens Christmas Festival- Olde London

Each year St. George Utah hosts its annual Dickens Christmas Festival to reign in some Christmas spirit! This Festival is not just another craft show, but exciting entertainment and a unique way of shopping. A combination of Olde English shops, hundreds of period costumes, fortune tellers, orphans, royalty, and the “real” Father Christmas will come… Read more »

Field of Screams- Get your fright on!

One of my favorite things about Halloween is going to haunted houses. People dressing up like scary monsters and pulling emotions out of you that you never knew you had is pretty entertaining. Lets be real, haunted houses are a must during the Halloween season. You know whats even better than a haunted house? A… Read more »

Waffle Love- Love at First Bite

How Waffle Love Got Started This story is a bit of a tear jerker. So plop yourself on the couch and grab a box of tissues and a waffle and start reading! We all know what it’s like to start a new family. You’re young, poor and have to endure some pretty tough times. This… Read more »

Graften Ghost Town- History of Graften

Shortly after Brigham Young and his group of Emigrant pioneers settled in the valley of the Great Salt Lake in 1847, some 500 villages were established in hopes of gaining territory and more ways of providing for their families. Later on President Young saw potential in the southern parts of Utah which he referred to… Read more »

How to Vacation in St George on a Budget this summer

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St George on a budget St George – Here’s a common scenario we see often.  Summer is here and you want to go on vacation with the kids.  You still work a full-time job so you want to do something on a weekend or 3-4 days max.  It has to be fun.  You need to do… Read more »