Review | Shrek and Newsies at Tuachan St George | Summer of Fun 2017

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Last year was a great year for Tuacahn goers with Mary Poppins and Peter Pan, two time-tested productions.  I must state at how surprised I was last week when we watched both Shrek and Newsies.  These  two shows by far out class any other years production since I started reviewing in 2008.   Newsies is already… Read more »

Ghost Town – Grand Canyon – History & Awe

Everyone knows the Grand Canyon is amazing – but do you know its only about 59 miles from St George AND you can drive there!?  This is a journey my wife and I took about two weeks ago with our kids.  (Actual road miles due to the road is just over 100 but certainly within a… Read more »

Spend Your Summer Vacation in St. George, Utah!

Are you on a budget this year and need an affordable, yet exciting place to spend your summer vacation?! A place that your entire family can enjoy? St. George, Utah is the answer you’ve been looking for! Here in St. George we specialize in having good, clean fun that the whole family can enjoy without… Read more »

Art Parlor – Sonia Jessop

                       This past week I had the opportunity to interview a new business owner here in St.George! Her name is Sonia Jessop. Just 3 weeks ago she opened her very own shop she calls “Art Parlor”. I have to tell you, this will be the… Read more »

IRONMAN – May 2017 – St. George, Utah

Just this past week I had the opportunity to watch a family/friend of my husband race in the St. George Dog-town Half Marathon. It was motivating for me to watch her push past her limits and conquer something physically exhausting. I have always admired the strength and endurance marathon runners have. I have also had… Read more »

Oh Babylon Oh Babylon!

Babylon is located near Leeds Utah and no it has no relation to the ancient bible city Babylon.  Babylon was an old mining village located next to the Virgin River six miles south of Silver Reef mines. I have never heard of this hidden treasure until my father-in-law introduced me to it. We were in… Read more »

Hiking St. George Utah: Shinob Kibe

History of Shinob Kibe: Shinob Kibe (aka Schinnob Kibe, Schnobki) was named for a Paiute deity who was considered a protector of the tribes. Shinob refers to the “Great Spirit” and Kibe is “Mountain”. This mesa was a sacred place to the local Paiute Indians. It was also a place of refuge where they would… Read more »

Red Cliffs Hike and Waterfall

Saint George Utah is known for its vast, breathtaking landscape. You can look around and see the beauty of Dixie’s Red Rock, Snow Canyons White Mountains, Zion National Park in the distance, green shrubbery, trees and so much more. Saint George is blessed to be surrounded by 5 well known National Parks. We also love… Read more »

The Mighty Five: Utah’s National Parks

St. George Utah is the perfect place to vacation when the bitter winter season rolls around. Here we have weather that is bearable even when it is cold out! We are also blessed to be surrounded by 5 major national parks that are breathtaking at this time of year! Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park,… Read more »

A Charlie Brown Christmas Musical

As Charlie Brown struggles to see the materialistic version of Christmas growing around him, he has a desire to help the rest of the gang discover the true meaning of Christmas. Not sure how to accomplish this, Lucy suggests that he volunteers to direct the school Christmas Pageant. Charlie Brown chooses to accept this offer,… Read more »